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Bess Trew

Bess Trew, born in Atlanta, Georgia, received the majority of her dance training at the Baltimore School for the Arts in Maryland and the Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education in Oklahoma. In 2015 she moved to Jackson, Mississippi to join Ballet Magnificat’s trainee program and the following year became a member of their touring company under the direction of Jiri Voborsky. From 2016-2019 Bess had the opportunity to travel and perform in seventeen countries, learning to use dance not solely as an art form, but as a tool for ministry. In the fall of 2019 she moved to Portland, Oregon to dance with Instruments Ballet Company under the direction of Rebekah Atkins; in 2020 becoming the Assistant Artist Director and choreographing two original works for the company. In the summer of 2021 Bess moved to East Tennessee to start the Enoch Contemporary Ballet. She is humbled and grateful for the company the Lord has allowed her to work with and prays they will be used to turn every eye to Him!

Abbi Jean Howard

Abbi Jean Howard began dancing at three in Wilmington, North Carolina. She continued her training as her family moved to South Carolina and to Virginia and settled in at the School of Richmond Ballet. Senior year, the Lord began moving in her heart to give her dancing back to Him. After graduating in 2014, she entered the trainee program with Ballet Magnificat for three years and then was promoted to student apprentice with Ballet Magnificat! Alpha Company. In 2018, the Lord called her back to North Carolina to teach at local dance studios (Gafa Studios and Brunswick School of Dance) and traveled overseas to dance and teach. While spending time in her home state, the Lord began renewing her love of dancing for him and reminded her of the freedom and fulfillment found in Christ alone. Abbi Jean felt the peace of Christ directing her to join Enoch Contemporary Ballet at its formation and has loved dancing side by side a group of worshippers fixated on exalting the name of Jesus

Annika Kuckuck

Annika began training at Pacific School of Dance at age eleven. Upon graduating highschool, she moved to Jackson, MS and was a trainee with Ballet Magnificat for two years. She then joined Enoch Contemporary Ballet in 2021 at the start of the company. Annika is very passionate about the Lord, and using dance as worship and intercession. She has been very blessed to be able to do that at Enoch!

Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson was born in Florida and was raised between there and Wisconsin. When she was 4, she started dancing at a local church. Her love for dance continued throughout high school as she trained at a studio in south Florida.

 Once graduated, she went to dance with Ballet Magnificat! Events company 2017-2020. The next year she joined Instruments Ballet Company for one season.

In 2021, Emily felt called to be a part of Enoch Contemporary Ballet. She hopes to continue helping to lay down a foundation of prayer and praise for this company. Her heart is to see the Lord adored and lifted high through dance as well as every day life.

Cori Lehman

Cori Lehman grew up in central Florida and started dance when she was 10 years old.  She  graduated high school in the spring of 2021 and felt the Lord clearly call her to join Enoch. Cori has always loved using her dance as a form of worship and is excited to be a part of this new company and to use her dancing to lead others in worship

Ellie Pabst

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ellie trained with Ballet Petit for 12 years. Upon graduation she followed God’s call to continue dancing for his glory by training pre-professionally for two years with Ballet Magnificat. Captivated by God’s goodness, mercy, and steadfast love she seeks to humbly develop each of the talents God has given her to bring glory and honor to her savior as she serves as a part of Enoch Contemporary Ballet in order to point others to Christ.

Hope Lehman

Hope Lehman was raised in central Florida and began dancing at the age of 7. After graduating, she danced with Paradosi Ballet Company (2017-18) and Ballet Magnificat! Events Company until 2021. Hope is passionate about sharing the message of the gospel through dance in using it as a tool for intercession and deliverance. She felt called to Enoch at the start of the ministry and has loved being a part of a company that lifts high the name of the Lord and encourages others to turn their eyes to him.

Emma Browning

Emma Browning was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska where she first received dance training as a child. She would go on to study at Friends University Ballet, followed by dancing at Instruments Ballet Company, and now with Enoch Contemporary Ballet. Emma is moved to use dance in conjunction with prayer, intercession, worship, and evangelism; and she is so thankful to be able to use this art form for King Jesus here at Enoch Contemporary Ballet.

Evangeline Joy Bonin

Born and raised in Belgium as a missionary kid, Evangeline Bonin began dancing at 13 years old and immediately knew it was something God wanted her to pursue. She moved to the United States for college where she studied Dance Performance at Oral Roberts University. After obtaining her degree, Evangeline danced with Instruments Ballet Company in Oregon for three years before moving to Tennessee in 2021 to join Enoch Contemporary Ballet for their inaugural season. Evangeline is passionate about using dance as a ministry on a professional level, reclaiming the arts for God’s glory, and using her gifts to share the hope of the Good News of Jesus to the world. Enoch has been a fulfillment of these dreams and she is blessed to be dancing with others who love to worship our beautiful Creator!

Nozomi Livingston

Nozomi Livingston was raised in both Japan, and Portland Oregon, and began training at the age of ten. Nozomi danced with Paradosi Ballet Company (2018-21), as a trainee, company artist, and choreographer. After having plans of retirement, the Lord renewed her heart to worship her Creator, and lead her to Enoch to minister through the means of dance. Nozomi has a heart for the nations, and a burden for those distant from the light of the Kingdom. Her prayer is that people will come to see even a glimpse of the freedom she has and come to want to know it for themselves.

Sarah Bedford

Sarah Bedford grew up in Mississippi and began dancing at her church at ten years old. She later trained with Ballet Magnificat School of the Arts and trainee program. Sarah’s heart for ministry is to see the Lord transform hearts and saturate minds in the truth of who He has created us to be. Her desire is to utilize dance as a tool to allow Jesus to reveal Himself as everything that He has said He is.

Kathryn Blankenship

Kathryn (Kat) Blankenship, born and raised in South Louisiana, started lessons in dance at the age of 5, training in multiple genres until later focusing in Ballet. After graduating highschool in spring of 2019, she joined Ballet Magnificat’s Trainee Program, where she danced in Trainee 2 until 2021. Kat has a strong love for all medians of art, and loves using them to spread the gospel and show the love of Christ. In fall of 2021, the Lord had called her to Sweetwater, TN, to pursue the great ministry opportunity that is Enoch Contemporary Ballet. Here, Kat has the privilege of sharing the same mission of the company which is to walk closely with the Lord and see his name exalted among the nations.

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